Essential communications about regulation and compliance changes were not getting through to traders within ABN AMRO. They were rightly focussed on market information and external news, not internal communications. To combat the issue the bank’s trading division Traded Markets decided to launch an internal TV channel; ABN AMRO Traded Markets TV.

Dangerfield & Fortune’s Ian Thatcher, alongside a team of technical consultants, devised a solution to stream content across the bank’s trading network, live to screens around the London HQ. The project coincided with the advent of  YouTube and the ambition of the project often exceeded what was technically available or possible at the time. Solutions were found by hacking existing technology.

The channel broadcast for 5min on the hour every hour, with content produced in-house using the newly designed workflow.

Whilst a huge technical and creative achievement, the project was ultimately a flop. Why? The traders already had eight screens to look at, they didn’t need any more. The winning success was eventually found through improved governance.

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