Barclays had faced a long period of troublesome litigation following LIBOR and Forex scandals. The US legal team struggled to meet the complication and rising cost of the discovery process and needed to find a new way of managing this challenging and resource consuming phase of litigation.

Upon reviewing the dynamics of the US legal market a new location and workflow strategy was designed to tackle the high cost of retaining Manhattan legal resource for discovery.

By moving discovery work out of Manhattan and into more reasonably priced Florida, where there was a wealth of ex-city legal talent in semi-retirement, a more flexible and cost effective discovery solution was achieved. High security discovery centres were now staffed by highly qualified legal resource that guaranteed quality, yet also the flexibility to allow fast capacity scaling depending on need. The solution saved $90m over a two year period of litigation and served both the immediate need but also went on to compliment the adoption of automated eDiscovery solutions as they became viable.

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