Rolls-Royce needed to re-engage contemporary luxury consumers for whom material trophies (e.g. cars) were increasingly at odds with their desire for climate conscious, ethical brands.

“The House of Rolls-Royce”, a global branded content campaign was designed and delivered as the solution. The content series re-told the stories behind the brand’s romantic iconography in the context of contemporary luxury values.

The outcome of this campaign was a 6% uplift in global sales and a record one million views globally within its first week, thanks to a revolutionary, highly targeted programmatic media campaign. The audience profile on Rolls-Royce social media centred at a higher average age (typically greater wealth) with high affinity to luxury brands. The strategy has since become part of the Rolls-Royce “Inspiring Greatness” series.

The House of Rolls-Royce can be found here. 

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